Is San Diego Good for Cycling? A Quick Guide

Is San Diego Good for Cycling? A Quick Guide

If you’re thinking about taking your bike out for a spin in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place.

As someone who has spent plenty of time on two wheels in this sunny city, I wanted to give you the lowdown on what it’s like to ride here.

Buckle up those helmets and let’s hit the road!

San Diego is known for its amazing weather and beaches, but it’s also a pretty great city for cycling.

With a good mix of bike lanes, paths, and lower-traffic areas, riders of all levels can find great places to cruise around.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about biking in San Diego, from safety tips to the best routes around town.

Is San Diego Good for Cycling?

In short – yes!

San Diego has a very bikeable landscape, especially along the coastal communities.

The weather here is perfect for cycling year-round, with sunny skies and moderate temperatures.

Unlike some major cities where biking can feel dangerous, the vibe here is much more laid back.

San Diego aims to be bicycle friendly too.

There are already over 100+ miles of bike paths and lanes, with plans to build many more.

The city even has an official Bicycle Master Plan to help create a connected network for riders.

So if you want to feel the wind in your hair while exploring a new place by bike, San Diego has you covered.

Do People Ride Bikes in San Diego?

Is San Diego Good for Cycling? A Quick Guide


You’ll see casual riders cruising along the boardwalk and hardcore cyclists tackling the hillier routes.

According to a city survey, over 5% of San Diego residents bike to work.

That’s higher than the national average.

Many locals use bikes as their primary mode of transportation here.

The car-free lifestyle is definitely doable thanks to the favorable climate and communities designed for biking.

Visitors also take advantage of the bike rental services to see the sights at a slower pace.

Cruise the harborfront or check out neighborhoods like Hillcrest and North Park on two wheels.

Is it Safe to Ride a Bike in San Diego?

Biking in San Diego is generally safe, especially if you take the right precautions.

Here are some tips to keep yourself protected:

  • Always wear a helmet – it’s the law for anyone under 18
  • Use bike lanes or paths when possible
  • Watch for opening car doors when riding on streets
  • Assume drivers don’t see you
  • Avoid riding at night if possible
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Learn the local bike laws

The city’s bicycle master plan aims to create a safer connected network too.

Newer neighborhoods tend to be more bike friendly with better infrastructure.

Of course, like any city, accidents can happen.

But if you follow the rules of the road and stay alert, biking in San Diego can be safe as well as fun.

Can Bikes Ride on the Sidewalk in San Diego?

In general, no – bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks in San Diego.

There are a few exceptions though.

Kids under the age of 16 can ride bikes, scooters, or skateboards on sidewalks.

But any adult cyclists need to stick to bike lanes, roads, paths, etc.

However, in certain residential areas and low-traffic neighborhoods, riding on the sidewalk may be okay.

Just be sure to always yield to any pedestrians.

When in doubt, avoid sidewalks for cycling.

Take advantage of the many scenic bike routes around town instead for a smooth and safer ride.

Does San Diego Have Public Bikes?

San Diego does have a few public bike programs that are great options for visitors and locals:

BayBykes – Located in different spots around Mission Bay, these free bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Just bring your own lock and helmet.

Dockless Bikes – Companies like Lyft and Lime offer app-based rental bikes and e-bikes you can pick up and drop off anywhere in the city.

Prices start around $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute.

UC San Diego Bikes – Get access to bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters for just $15 a year at UCSD as a student or employee.

Metro Bikes – Secure rental bikes are available at some transit stations like Santa Fe Depot.

These can be rented through the Transit app.

So if you don’t have your own set of wheels, there are easy ways to grab a bike for cheap in San Diego!

Does San Diego Have Rental Bikes?

Yes, San Diego has quite a few options when it comes to bike rentals:

  • Bikes & Beyond – Hybrid bikes and cruisers right on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach.
  • Hike Bike Kayak Sports – Mountain bikes, tandem bikes, kids bikes, and more in multiple locations.
  • Cheap Rentals – Affordable beach cruisers by the hour or day.
  • Wheel Fun Rentals – Large selection including surreys, electric bikes, child seats, and trailers.
  • Pedego Electric Bikes – Try an e-bike to help tackle those hills!

Rentals allow you to choose exactly the type of bike you need for exploring San Diego.

There are road bikes for fast riding, beach cruisers for casual jaunts, tandem bikes for couples, and kid-sized options too.

Many shops offer add-ons like locks, helmets, trailers, surfboard racks, and child seats.

So you can gear up however it fits your plans.

How is Biking in San Diego?

Overall, biking in San Diego is very relaxed and enjoyable.

The paths and bike lanes provide stress-free ways to get around while soaking up the sunshine.

The city areas near downtown and the beaches tend to be quite flat and easy for cycling.

Some neighborhoods like Mission Hills, Banker’s Hill or Torrey Pines have steeper streets if you want more of a workout.

Drivers here are generally aware of cyclists, but it still pays to be cautious and alert.

Obey traffic laws and watch for car doors opening.

Weather-wise, any day of the year is fair game thanks to San Diego’s mild climate.

Just don’t ride right after a heavy rain, when the roads can be slick.

If you ever feel uncomfortable biking in traffic, stick to the designated bike paths along the beaches, bays, and parks.

Or consider an e-bike to help make hills and long distances a breeze!

Best Bike Paths San Diego

Bike route sign along the San Diego River. San Diego, California, United States

If you’re looking for scenic and safe bike routes, you can’t go wrong with these top paths around San Diego:

Pacific Beach Boardwalk – A flat, paved path hugging the oceanfront with gorgeous views.

Very popular and busy on weekends.

Bayshore Bikeway – Miles of pavement with bay views leading from downtown to Coronado.

Mission Bay Park Path – A relaxing loop around the bay with bridges and beaches.

Silver Strand State Beach – Ride from Coronado to Imperial Beach on this oceanfront route.

Rose Creek Bikeway – A key bike freeway from Pacific Beach to La Jolla and points north.

Coastal Rail Trail – Eventual plans for 44 continuous miles from Oceanside to downtown San Diego.

Partially complete today.

With endless sunshine and scenery, you’ll love exploring San Diego by bike path!

Is San Diego Good for Road Biking?

City block in Hillcrest during sunrise

Road cyclists flock to San Diego for the abundant hills, scenic views, and ability to ride year-round.

Many pro cyclists live and train in San Diego too.

For challenging terrain, you can ride inland to places like Escondido, Valley Center or Poway.

The rolling hills around Mt. Laguna and Julian are also popular training grounds.

Or stay closer to the city and climb TORREY PINES, a famous San Diego cycling hill.

There are even strenuous climbs right in Balboa Park if you want a quick urban getaway.

The key is having options – flat casual routes near the ocean to intense mountain climbs just a short drive away.

No matter your skill level, San Diego has the roads for you.

Best Road Bike Routes San Diego


Ready to feel that burn in your quads? Check out these go-to road cycling routes in America’s Finest City:

Three Sisters – Challenge yourself on this hilly loop in Chula Vista.

CycloVets – Tackle the climbs around Mt. Laguna’s cyclocross course.

Palomar Mountain – A scenic but demanding ride up this scenic forested peak.

Julian & Banner Grade – Ride east into the mountains for an apple pie reward after all that climbing.

Coast Highway 101 – Stunning ocean views with everything from flats to hills along this coastal route.

Torrey Pines Road – Work your way up the famous hill and enjoy panoramic views of La Jolla.

With so many epic routes, San Diego really is a road cycling paradise.

Enjoy the friendly weather year-round as you test your limits!

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it – everything you need to know to enjoy biking in San Diego!

Whether you prefer a casual cruise along the bay or a hardcore 50-mile workout, this city has it all.

With the gorgeous weather, scenery, and an improving cycling network, San Diego is a fantastic place to explore on two wheels.

Locals and visitors alike take advantage of the bike-friendly culture.

Just remember to watch for traffic, bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and maybe work up to those big hills!

Feel free to share your favorite San Diego bike routes or tips below too.

Now get out and enjoy that sunshine on your bike!

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